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Women's Cross Country 2017

Hometown/High School Major
Ashley Darrell full bio Ashley Darrell Class: Freshman Hometown/High School: Concord, VT / Lyndon Institute Major: Explorations
Alesha Donovan full bio Alesha Donovan Class: Junior Hometown/High School: Northwood, NH / Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Major: Criminal Justice/Anthropology
Anna Gear full bio Anna Gear Class: Junior Hometown/High School: Fort Myers, FL / Edison Collegiate Major: Applied Psychology & Human Services/Criminal Justice
Sierra Hargrave full bio Sierra Hargrave Class: Senior Hometown/High School: St. Johnsbury, VT / St. Johnsbury Academy Major: Applied Psychology & Human Services
Sarah Levesque full bio Sarah Levesque Class: Junior Hometown/High School: North Smithfield, RI / North Smithfield Major: Atmospheric Sciences
Felisha Olmstead full bio Felisha Olmstead Class: Junior Hometown/High School: St. Johnsbury, VT / St. Johnsbury Academy Major: Natural Sciences
Rachal Peatman full bio Rachal Peatman Class: Freshman Hometown/High School: Cambridge, VT / Bellows Free Academy Major: Sociology
Christy Rosario full bio Christy Rosario Class: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Farmington, CT / Farmington High Major: Music Business and Industry
Elizabeth Start full bio Elizabeth Start Class: Senior Hometown/High School: Randolph, VT / Randolph Union Major: Mountain Recreation Management
Isabelle Tuggle full bio Isabelle Tuggle Class: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Norwich, VT / Hanover Major: Explorations
Rachel Valentine full bio Rachel Valentine Class: Freshman Hometown/High School: Clarksdale, AZ / Mingus Union Major: Electronic Journalism